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We are happy to welcome you at “Impulse.UA” Charity Foundation web site!

My name is Mykola Kolodiazhnyi, I am a founder and managing director of “Impulse.UA” Charity Foundation.

For whom and why

We founded the Foundation to help children who found themselves in difficult life circumstances overcome psychological problems, socialize themselves and shape up in harmony.

Our fosterlings are children from incomplete, multi-child, poor families, from internally displaced families and incapacitated persons. Some of them suffer from combination of several of these difficult circumstances.

The aim of the Foundation is to help such kids overcome psychological problems and inhibitions that occurred due to past or present problems in life and to help them obtain all-around harmonious development and become integral and mature personalities in the future who is able not only to help themselves, but to others, too.

How the Foundation appeared

The idea to create the Foundation appeared during implementation of Program for free English language teaching for children in difficult life situations in Zaporizhzhia. During the classes, it turned out that children’s social, psychological and physical problems have bad effect on results of studies. Talking to one of the students about reasons of her poor activity during classes, we heard her saying sincerely: “I’m afraid of being laughed at”. Same stories happen often. Therefore, we found out that there is a need of giving additional developing classes that will help children overcome psychological problems and exercise their important personal traits.

From this idea, the name of the Foundation emerged – Impulse – kick-start, inspiration for kids to struggle their problems and to achieve self-fulfillment and diverse development.

First steps

Thus, due to support of our friends, additional classes appeared – speech-craft, acting skills classes, exercises with social teachers and psychologists, lectures and master classes on self-fulfillment, yoga and healthy living, etc.   We are very grateful to all our friends who helped and keep helping us with these things!

Communicative habits development, formation of indispensable life skills and knowledge of our fosterlings are priority spheres of our classes. We build teaching process in an interactive manner, so that theoretical knowledge the kids obtain can at once become their skills though fulfilling practical tasks.

Each such meeting and activity becomes a kind of a small step to a more harmonious personal maturation and to a happy and full life for the kids. As parents, teachers, psychologists and the kids themselves observe, they come out of shell, become more active and creative. It means we are on the right way.

What is next

Anyways, it is necessary to give such developing classes on a regular basis to obtain firm and deep results. Volunteers cannot give classes regularly and systematically because such classes depend on their subjective wishes and abilities. Highly qualified professionals, who can ensure high quality required results, cannot work on permanent basis without at least the smallest remuneration for the job they do. Most of students’ families do not have money for such classes. The Foundation neither has additional money for this purpose now.

How to help

So we are addressing you for support to provide for permanent necessary psychological and developing classes with our fosterlings. We´d like to ensure weekly classes with psychologists or social teachers and payment of corrective yoga exercises for kids who have health complications.

Please, make fair share of charitable contribution in USD to:

Company Name: “Impulse.UA” CF
The bank account of the company: 26008055746024
Name of the bank: PJSC CB «PRIVATBANK»,

Company address: UA 69005 Zaporizka oblast, Zaporizhzhia, Patriotychna Street, 76 B / 57
IBAN Code: UA673133990000026008055746024

Сorrespondent banks
Account in the correspondent bank: 001-1-000080
SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank: CHASUS33
Correspondent bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York ,USA

Account in the correspondent bank: 890-0085-754
SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank: IRVT US 3N
Correspondent bank: The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA

Purpose of payment: charitable donation  


For charitable donation in Euro:

Company Name: “Impulse.UA” CF
The bank account of the company: 26006055753150
Company address: UA 69005 Zaporizka oblast, Zaporizhzhia, Patriotychna Street, 76 B / 57
IBAN Code: UA093133990000026006055753150

Correspondent banks:
Account in the correspondent bank: 400886700401
SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank: COBADEFF
Correspondent bank: Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Account in the correspondent bank: 623-160-5145
SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank: CHASDEF

Purpose of payment: charitable donation 


For charitable donation in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH):

Account № 26001055751867

in Zaporizhzhia regional branch of CB Privatbank, Zaporizhzhia

Bank code 313399

Charity entity “Impulse.UA” Charity Foundation

registration code EDRPOU 41309445

Purpose of payment: charitable donation


You can also use our page at LiqPay payment service — it is easy and fast.

If you wish, you can send a message to  once you paid and indicate date, amount of payment and your name to mention it in the report.

We will publish source and application of charitable funds statement at our website in «REPORTS» section.

You can see registration documents of the Foundation at our web site, too. If you wish to support Foundation’s activity as a volunteer, please, inform to the following phone number 097 453 18 07, or to email:

Sincerely yours

Mykola Kolodiazhnyi

Managing director of “Impulse.UA” Charity Foundation.