A child from a large family, Yesenia Georgieva, who is two years old, needs a costly operation. After a hard disease the girl lost hearing. Yesia’s family resort to everyone with a kind request to help their little girl be able hear her mother again.
Like many kids of her age, Yesia is a stunning little miracle with expressive large eyes. Unfortunately, the girl has been facing the necessity to fight illness since the first days of her life. Absorbent gland inflammation. Antibiotics. Immunity decrease. New diseases. Colds, influenzas, bronchitis, laryngitis. New antibiotics courses. Chronic ear problems more to that. Otitis that never passed. Hearing decrease became worse. The mother raised alarm. But doctors were calming her down – it will become better.

In spring of 2017 one more exacerbation happened. Running ear. Hospitals. Injections. Perforation to let infected fluid come out. “Yesia cried all the time and touched her years”, Elena Georgieva, the girl’s mother, recalls those hard moments. Very soon the mother began to notice that the little girl didn’t react to sounds. New examination. And the sad diagnosis came: deafness.
Doctors cannot say exactly what became the reason for hearing loss. The mother is almost sure that her kid’s loss of hearing resulted from absence of necessary timely examination and, consequently, a required treatment wasn’t prescribed. But now this will not change what has happened already. It is a hard distress for Yesia’s mother and the family.

“I don’t know how Yesia learned it. But now, when other kids approach her and try to talk to her, she closes the mouth with her little hands. Like she is showing that she cannot respond to them”, Elena says.

“Yesia had started talking her first words. “Mama”, “am-am” when she asked for food. Now she is silent and only weeps”, Alina Georgieva tells about her little sister. Several months ago Alina bought a toy car for her sister, it plays music loudly and gives buzz sounds. “Yesia liked to hear the car buzzing. Now she turns on the car and makes a helpless gesture showing that the car doesn’t sound, it is broken. But the car does buzz…” Alina tries to energize her sister. For some period of time Yesia brightens up, it seems she forgets her grieves. She looks like a little shining angel.

But soon she comes back to her sad mood. She looks around anxiously. She looks at other people. She feels something goes wrong. It seems she is trying to understand what exactly goes wrong. She doesn’t hear. When someone addresses Yesia, she looks into their eyes persistently. She inhales as if she is going to say something. And she stops as she exhales. She becomes mournful and turns in upon herself.

Like any mother Elena talks about her little daughter with great love. “When Yesia was a baby, I enjoyed signing lullaby to her. She sang in response to me and fell asleep. At last it happened and she said “Mama” to me, but very soon it went away”, Elena cannot hold her tears as she recalls it. “But I still sing the lullaby to her. So that she hears me again some day…”

Now a two-year old Yesenia has a status of a disabled child. She will have to face a complicated and costly operation – cochlear implantation. Surgeons will implant a special cochlear implant in the child’s ear. It is a specific device that converts sounds to electric signals and transmits them to acoustic nerve. Thus a person starts hearing sounds of the world again.
Theoretically, such operations in Ukraine should be performed at the cost of state budget. But there are more than three hundred persons in the queue before Yesenia, and just several dozens of state financed operations are performed each year. It means that Yesia’s turn will come in about three years. If cochlear implantation is not performed within the year to come, nerve cells that respond for hearing will mummify and the child will never hear again. No operation will help the little girl.
After the operation Yesia will face a long rehabilitation period. But then she will have the chance to hear her mother’s voice again.

The most expensive part of the operation is the cochlear implant itself. It costs 26 467 euros. For the poor large family, which is raising four other kids, this is an enormous amount. So Impulse.UA Fund and Yesenia Georgieva family are addressing you for the help in raising the required amount. Please, donate what you can to Fund’s account with a note “for treatment of Yesenia Georgieva”.

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Contact phone of Fund’s manager, Mr. Nicolai Kolodiazhniy: +38 067 614 10 53.
Contact phone of Yesenia’s mother, Mrs. Elena Georgieva: +38 066 917 34 69

Bank Card of of Yesenia’s mother, Mrs. Elena Georgieva: 5168 7573 4861 9620 (USD).

We are grateful in advance to everybody who responds to our appeal for help!